About us

Blackgold was set up by brothers Ross & Max Hammond. We want to change the standard of men's staple products. No more saggy pants or faded t shirts.

We believe in delivering a great product. We work on perfecting every detail and extensively test everything ourselves before selling it.

Using only black means we focus more on the product quality and use finer materials. By not making a wide range of colours or ranges, your purchase isn't used to help pay for losses on the less popular items and it leads to a higher standard of product. 

We are against 'Fast Fashion'.  We make timeless, classic products that are made to last. We don't burn mountains of clothes at the end of each season and we have great relationships with our suppliers who we don't crush on margins so they look after us and ultimately you.

We unashamedly don't sell cheap items. We believe our prices are fair therefore we don't have sales to ensure a fair price to all of our customers, all year round.

We hope you enjoy our products and hope to grow our range over time. If you have any constructive feed back, we are more than open to hear it and if it leads to a change in a product we will send you one for free! Please get in touch at: